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    Happiness is controlled by you. Now learn to be the pilot of your own life.

    Troubles of my repaired flute

    Oh my god…so I get my flute back from repair. It looks great and everything. And my low tones are my strongest quality in flute playing… I play it.. and it sucks! Help :( My muscles are too tense. And I need to relax. Audition season is in a few days.. what do I do :(

    Theres a guy I really like…but I feel like I’m about to cry. Why am I so emotional? Why am I so useless? 

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    I know that being gay.. It’s not a choice. It’s just in you; it’s who you are..





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    Diego Barrueco by Pantelis for Coitus 6 

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    Men’s style blog by a woman 👉